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one song to the tune of another - explained

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bank analogy
A song is exactly like a bank or a building society. The bank itself represents the tune, while the cash which is held in its vaults represent the words. However, it’s possible to take out your cash and deposit it with a different bank, or put another way, sing one song to the tune of another.

Now, I can guess what you are thinking, what if there’s been a run on my bank caused by them overreaching their liquidity due to expansion in the US sub-prime mortgage market and over reliance on high-geared derivatives? And you are quite right to think that way, your hard earned savings may be going down the toilet even as we speak. If you don’t get there soon your next bank statement might be your last. And can you imagine any statement more likely to panic an audience into leaping from their seats and out into the street? Colin Sell is at the piano..

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