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one song to the tune of another - explained

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game reserve analogy
A song is very much like an African big game reserve, the sun kissed grass savannah plains represent the tune which provide grazing for the words, or animals. These may be herds of Gazelle, but occasionally they move on to be replaced by Wildebeest for example. Or put another way, one song is sung to the tune of another. Now I can guess what every one is thinking, what about Elephants? And indeed they are a worry as unscrupulous hunters poach them for their tusks. Who could possibly commit criminal butchery over a few pieces of ivory? At the piano Colin Sell.

garden lawn analogy
A song is very much like a garden lawn - the words are represented by the blades of grass, which are supported by the soil, or tune. However, over time, a lawn may become worn out, so the keen gardener may care to re-turf the lawn with new grass, or in our terms put different words to the old tune. Now I know what you are thinking - what happens to the redundant turf that has been stripped off? Well that is a good point, because you do inevitably end up with some useless sod. At the piano Colin Sell.

grand prix analogy
We take a selection of songs and switch the words around between them - it might be help to think of the songs as Grand Prix racing cars and their drivers; all the drivers could easily get out and swap cars in any combination and it wouldn’t matter which car with which driver. You would still have the unrivalled spectacle of grown men dressed in romper suits driving mobile fag packets round in circles for two hours.

But what about Murray Walker? Surely this would not be complete without a constant stream of mistakes made by some incompetent banging on incomprehensibly in the background. At the piano is Colin Sell.

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