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one song to the tune of another - explained

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head cold analogy
Try to imagine a song’s tune as a head cold, and its accompanying words, or lyrics, as a mentholated decongestant lozenge. If one set of words or lyrics (the lozenge) are judged to be ineffective when combined with the head cold (or tune) they can easily be replaced with an alternative brand of lozenge, or different words. Incidentally the Chairman was clearing out the bathroom cabinet the other day when he came upon the remains of popular brand of cough lozenge, in poor shape and barely recognisable as a tune. Which reminds him, at the piano Colin Sell.

house analogy
You might like to think of your tune as a house, and the words as the interior decor which of course can be changed - a sort of musical version of Changing Rooms if you will (that is where two couples swap houses and redecorate them in the style of a Dutch brothel or a Bombay public toilet).

Now that all that has been explained, where does Handy Andy fit into all this? Well we don’t need a Handy Andy banging away on his own trying to destroy a perfectly good piece of furniture, not when there is Colin Sell at the piano.

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