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one song to the tune of another - explained

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jam roly poly analogy
Perhaps the simplest way to understand it is to thing of a song as a jam roly poly, with the tune being the sponge, obviously, which is rolled up neatly to contain the jam, or words. It would be perfectly possible to unroll the sponge and scrap out the jam, which might be strawberry or raspberry, and to replace it with different jam taken from a second roly poly, perhaps a summer fruit compote or even orange marmalade (although obviously you wouldn’t want to use a thick cut variety as that would have lumps of peel poking out through the sponge).

But please don’t get bogged done on fruit preserves, the type isn’t important, what you should be concentrating on is the state of the sponge pudding that s been unrolled. It will doubtless be damaged and possibly broken in places as a result of the unrolling and scrapping. So where does a useless old pudding come into this? At the piano we have Colin Sell.

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