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one song to the tune of another - explained

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record library
The first requirement for this is lots of songs and we find these by popping along to the nearest Record Library.

Now, I should explain: when I say Record Library I don’t mean a Library that’s a record in that it’s - say - the smallest or largest in the World. The smallest would be no good anyway because, presumably, it has very little in it, and the largest Library in the World is in Sao Paulo so that’s out under the nearest rule, unless of course you happen to live in Sao Paulo, in which case it could be on your doorstep. Who knows? You might even work at the Library and play this game in the Staff Room during your break, in which case it could hardly be nearer. In passing, may I also congratulate you on your command of English language songs.

Now, I can guess what you’re about to ask, teams. As per usual you’re thinking “Where are we going to find a bilingual Brazilian librarian in Guildford at this time of night?” Well, we don’t have to because anyone can play One Song to the Tune of Another. You really don’t need to be a musical genius and to prove the point all to graphically, we have Colin Sell at the piano.

roulette game
A song is very similar to the game of roulette. The gaming table represents the tune while the chips placed on the table represent the lyrics. Any combination of chips, or lyrics, can be placed in any arrangement upon the table, or tune. Unscrupulous casino owners often tamper with the wheel allowing them to rip off the unsuspecting punters. Have you ever heard of such an appalling racket? At the piano is Colin Sell.

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