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one song to the tune of another - explained

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washing machine analogy
Imagine the song as a washing machine. The washer itself represents the tune which holds the clothes or words. Once the clothes, or words, have been washed, or sung, the clothes, or words, may be removed to be replaced by another set of washing. However, these might not be clothes, they could be bed linen or even woollens.

Now I know what the teams are thinking, surely woollen garments are too delicate for a machine wash? Well yes they are, so why were you thinking of putting them in there? It’s not like they have anything to do with One Song to the Tune of Another. Also you’re no doubt thinking which is the best machine - a top loader or one with a side door? I’d recommend avoiding the top loader because if you let someone who doesn’t know what they are doing lift the lid you’re in for a terrible mess. At the piano, Colin Sell.

wine tasting analogy
The obvious analogy is a bottle of wine at a blind tasting. It could be a Chardonnay, or a Rioja, perhaps a Burgundy, but you musn’t get bogged down on what type of wine - that’s not important. So let’s just assume it’s an English Hock from the Kentish vineyards. The wine could be poured out of the bottle leaving you with an empty but still serviceable container. I can hear you asking “But if our English wine is poured away what on earth are we going to use to top up our anti-freeze?” But you are missing the point, because what we do is to refill the bottle with a different vintage - which is exactly what happens in One Song to the Tune of Another - except of course, there is no wine involved. So no tasting and no spitting - at least not until you hear the piano accompaniment of Colin Sell.

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