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on the internet

web sites
Other web pages on the internet about I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue I have come across so far:

  • You can now play ISIHAC games via twitter.
  • ISIHAC related information can also be found at the Goodies Rule - OK? web site, where Tim and Graeme get involved. You never know, the Goodies may yet return to the BBC.
  • There are a couple of pages on ISIHAC and Hamish & Dougal at the Saucy Gibbon web site.
  • There are ISIHAC fans on MySpace too.
  • The BBC’s own I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue page. (There is a Radio 4 page for ISIHAC as well.) You can listen to broadcasts from the What’s On the BBC page and catch up on missed ones for a while from the Radio 4 - Listen Again page.
  • Gil Williamson’s Mornington Crescent page, with details on the game and its history, along with a Java applet to practice your MC skills on.
  • A page on the re-opening of the Mornington Crescent tube station. There are a number of photos of people from I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue who turned up for the re-opening. You can also see the BBC report on the re-opening.
  • Kevin Hale has some pages in his ISIHAC section devoted to Pick Up Song prizes, Humph’s show introductions, and some other things. Looking good. (Requires JavaScript to be enabled).
  • Dunx has a Mornington Crescent web site here.
  • If you enjoy playing Mornington Crescent then you might enjoy playing Senate House Passage. And if you enjoy playing Cheddar Gorge then you might like to try Ghost.
  • Basic details on each show ever broadcast can be found on the British Comedy web site here. Information includes who the contestants were, the chairman, location, and the original broadcast date.
  • The aim of Mornington Crescent Rules is to collect historical information on the rules and origin of the eponymous game. Any contributions most welcome.

Please report any links that fail to me - thanks.

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