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past news

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21st april 2002
updates from the anniversary special
All the games played on the 30th Anniversary Special were long time favourites. Another explanation to the game One Song to the Tune of Another using number theory (not for the faint-hearted) was given, and the third leg of the second semi-final of the 7th round of the Armitage Shanks UK Domestic League (Division 4) of Mornington Crescent was played using Stovold’s 2nd Amendment to the Standard Convention (1972) (commentary by Raymond Baxter).

isihac message board
The BBC have a web based message board for I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue - Mornington Crescent - Hurrah! Everyone can read messages on the board, but you have to register to be able to post to it.

13th april 2002
bbc web site updates
The BBC has a new I’m Sorry I Haven’t Clue web page. It includes pages with snippets of the 30th Anniversary show, wall-papers for your computer, interviews, and more.

BBC Entertainment News has a report from an interview the the three regular panellists - Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, and Tim Brooke-Taylor.

don’t forget - the 30th Anniversary Special is being broadcast this evening!

6th april 2002
change to broadcast date of 30th anniversary special
The BBC are now listing the broadcast date of the 30th Anniversary Special as being on Saturday 13 April, not the Sunday! Also, it will be a 45 minute show, instead of the normal 30 minutes. The word on the street is that Stephen Fry will be the guest panellist for the show.

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