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past news

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22nd april 2005
third isihac recording
Details for the third recording have now been anounced. Contact details are on the recordings page.

21st april 2005
listen again, to hamish and dougal
While the BBC’s listen again only allows you to listen to the most recent episode of Hamish and Dougal, you can access the previous couple of episodes via the following links (thanks David):

20th april 2005
isihac recordings
The first two recordings for the next series have now been announced. Bookings can be made over the web or by phone - ticket and contact details can be found on the recordings page. The third recording should be announced later this week. There may also be a special show recorded at the Edinburgh Festival later this year, more news when I have it.

18th april 2005
hamish & dougal series 2 cd
A CD of the second series of Hamish and Dougal has now been released. It should be available from the usual outlets of BBC recordings.

repeat of hamish & dougal series 2
Ironically the second series of Hamish & Dougal is being repeated daily on Radio 4 from tomorrow - Tuesday 18 April - at 11.30pm. The first three episodes are each evening this week until Thursday, with the final three episodes at the same time Tuesday to Thursday next week. You should be able to listen to it on Radio 4 - Listen Again if you miss an episode, but only until the next one airs (just 24 hours for the first two episodes each week.)

hamish & dougal - the book
To quote an Irish comic - there’s more. There will be a book published this Autumn based on the first couple of series of Hamish and Dougal. There will also be additional material on the lives of the two Scottish legends.

12th april 2005
never fear
Everything is in hand for the Summer series of ISIHAC. The dates and locations for the recordings should be announced soon, with the first broadcast on Monday 30 May. Mark your calendars.

11th april 2005
What? The next series of Quote Unquote has started? Where is the news on ISIHAC recordings? Good question. I haven’t heard anything to date - has anyone? I’m chasing up some contacts so watch this space.

new book out shortly
Due out next week is a new ISIHAC book. It is called the Uxbridge English Dictionary, and is published by Harper Collins. The book is a collection of the best bits of the New Definitions round.

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