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past news

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19th december 2000
from the last show of this series
A couple of new games were played this week - Musical Families, and one described by Humph as a spectacular, brand new round, the Quiz of Quizzes . There was another smashing prize for the winner of Pick Up Song.

17th december 2000
from this week’s show
New games played this week include Living Art, and Resignation Letters. Humph had another go at explaining One Song to the Tune of Another by analogy with shampoo and conditioner.

13th december 2000
one for the diary
There is an I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue highlights programme this Christmas. It will be broadcast on Christmas Day and repeated on New Years Eve. Details on the broadcasts page.
Note: This is a change from what I said earlier today - many apologies if I misled you.

10th december 2000
this week’s show
There was one new game played this week - Ask a Silly Question. Another amazing prize was given the winner of Pick Up Song. The Coventry Ruling was used while playing Mornington Crescent.

6th december 2000
update on next year’s recordings
There are in fact three recordings next spring, but the first has already sold out. Also, the date of the last recording was incorrect, it is in fact on the 3rd of June. Updated details are here.

4th december 2000
next recording dates
Dates for the next recordings of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue have now been released. You can find the details here.

3rd december 2000
many apologies
I am sorry for all those who tried to listen to ISIHAC on the Internet with the link I gave - it does not work outside of the BBC website. The link now takes you to the BBC What’s On page from where you can pick up the web broadcast.

2nd december 2000
new games from this week
An old classic game was played for the first time - Dropping Things. Some more games named after British place names were given in the introduction to a round of Cheddar Gorge. And Humph had another go at trying to explain One Song to the Tune of Another by comparing it to an egg.

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