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past news

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24th december 2005
repeat of christmas special
If you were unfortunate enough to have missed this mornings broadcast of In Search of Mornington Crescent with Andrew Mar, then you will be pleased to know it will be repeated on Monday 2 January, at 3pm.

21st december 2005
the first harrogate show
In this show Humph tried to explain the principle of One Song to the Tune of Another by analogy to a nation. Two new rounds were played in the show, the answer for all those that hate Sudoku - Realku, and the Yorkshire version of Eye Spy - Ay Up Spy.

christmas special
Don’t forget the Christmas Special - In Search of Mornington Crescent presented by Andrew Mar. It is broadcast this Saturday, Christmas Eve, on Radio 4 at 11am.

8th december 2005
the second brighton show
No new rounds were played this week. There was a new prize for the winner of Pick Up Song, and the teams played Speed Mornington Crescent.

repeat of edinburgh fringe show
The show to be broadcast this Monday, 12 December, is a repeat of the show recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe in August. This is your chance to hear the show if you missed it when it was first broadcast.

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