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past news

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25th december
merry christmas
Merry Christmas everyone. And don’t forget Humph in Wonderland at noon today on Radio 4!

21st december
games from the last two shows
In the first show from Peterborough, there was one new round, Lyric Theatre. And Humph had a final go at explaining One Song to the Tune of Another with an analogy to a cargo ship. The second show had two new rounds - Catalogue Shopping and Christmas Answers.

17th december
isihac over christmas
While the last show of the current series has now been broadcast, do not be sad. Next week Humph presents his least bad bits from this year. And on Christmas day there is Humph in Wonderland, where the team present their unique take on Lewis Carol’s classic tale. Don’t miss it.

9th december
second manchester show
Two new games were playedthis week - What’s Your Game? and Any Answers. And the teams played Mornington Crescent for the honour of winning the Armitage Shanks Charity Bowl.

2nd december
first manchester show
There were a couple of new rounds in this show - Historical Quotations and Scandalgate. And before Jeremy showed off his vocal talents, Humph tried once again to explain One Song to the Tune of Another by analogy to a milk bottle.

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