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past news

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30th december
and rounding up with the christmas special
A fun Christmas themed show to celebrate 40 years. The teams played a couple of new rounds - Complete Christmas Card Greetings, and Christmas Pantomime. And alas, so ends another series. Here’s looking forward to the next round of recordings and the next series in the Summer.

Happy New Year everyone!

21st december
from the last show …
In the last show of the normal series they played a couple of new rounds, the Archers as a tribute to the long running show, and Complete Sayings. There was also a new prize for the winner of Pick Up Song.

… but don’t forget
There is the Christmas Special show on Christmas Eve at 6.15pm, 15 minutes earlier than the usual time. If you do miss it, it is repeated as usual at noon the following Sunday.

16th december
from the fifth show, in lancashire …
… and my home town of Preston - well someone has to live there. In the first show from Preston they included two new rounds - Favourite Game, and Gardeners Question Tim.

9th december
and in the fourth show …
And the fun continued. Only one new round was played this week, Incomplete Idioms, but there was a new prize for the winner of Pick Up Song.

2nd december
rounds from third show
Good one Birmingham! A few new rounds were played this week; they started off with Things That Have Never Been Said, later moving on to Lazy Titles, and finishing off with Inventions.

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