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past news

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27th december
last show of the series
All good things come to an end, but not before a great last show for this series. In this show there was one new round played, Telephone Support Line.

And that rounds out 2017, look out for details on tour dates and recordings in the New Year - have a happy one!

22nd december
public information announcement
If you were subscribed to the BBC’s mailing list for advance notice of recordings, please note this is no longer being used. You should subscribe to the mailing list on the official ISIHAC web site for up to the minute ticket information.

now we’re off to hull
The first show from Hull had the teams playing just one new round, called Mistyped Menus (I'm sure there is comedy potential in the name by itself!)

16th december
and from the second margate show
In this show there were two new rounds played, the radio versino of The Chase and Complete Childrens Jokes. There was also a new prize for the winner of Pick Up Song. Next up, Hull!

3rd december
new rounds from margate
Before you know it, we are half way through the series! In the first show from Margate there were two new rounds played, Change a Letter, Ruin a Sport, and Name that Ad. I wonder what delights the second show will provide.

The countdown has been reset for the next series starting in mid-November. It seems such a long way away. Sigh.

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