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past news

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24th december
and that was all there was
Sigh, and so ends another fun series. And with great timing ends with a cracker. The teams played one new round this week, Incomplete Christmas Cards. They also played Mornington Crescent using a variation of Surrey Rules. And there was yet another fabulous prize to the winner of Pick Up Song.

17th december
and so to dorking
And we have another new contestant (apologies for the initial misinformation, darn Radio Times listing), welcome to Lucy Porter!

The teams played one new round this week, Famous Last Words. The Chairman also tried to explain that tricky round, One Song to the Tune of Another, with an analogy to a digital watch - I have almost got it now.

10th december
again from leicester
Another show with no new rounds, but with lots of new fun. The teams did play for a fantastic new prize in a round of Pick Up Song.

3rd december
and now from leicester
We have a new contestant, welcome the Rev. Richard Coles to the show. And what a start! No new rounds were played this week but hey, who needs ’em? Lots of fun still to be had with the old ones, which was certainly had.

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