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past news

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26th december 1999
the christmas special
Festive versions of traditional ISIHAC games were played - Nativity Radio Times, We Wish You a Merry Cliffness, and Talking Turkey. There were a couple of new festive games - Christmas Quiz, Santa’s Grotto. And Mornington Crescent was played using the Bethlehem Rules. Details on all these can be found on the usual pages.

next series
Well, that is it for this year. There will be a new series broadcast in the Spring, which means that recordings should be taking place during February/March I guess. So keep an eye out for the appearance of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue - the Tour at a theatre near you - you could join the mailing list and let fellow fans know when and where they are. Until then, have a happy New Year!

19th december 1999
this week’s show
Last show of the series (apart from the Christmas show) - sniff. Just one new game this week - Greetings Cards - and a new Mornington Crescent variation was played. Roll on Spring and the next series!

christmas specials
Listening to Humphrey’s sign off again it does sound like there will only be one broadcast from tonight’s recording. So make sure the Turkey is in the oven, the kids are playing with their toys, the Aged P’s are dozing over their Sherry, and settle yourself down at 12.30pm for the last show of the Millennium (well perhaps - no e-mail please!)

13th december 1999
special christmas shows
There is a broadcast on at 12.30pm on Christmas Day this year - Stephen Fry is guesting. The recording is this coming Sunday, the 19th December, at Golders Green. I imagine all the tickets will have gone by now but you never know. I am assuming that two shows will be recorded, with the second being broadcast on New Year’s Day - assuming the Y2K bug does not strike Radio 4 dumb.

7th december 1999
site tidy up
I decided it was time to sweep the pages of New! and Updated! ready for the last couple of shows of the current series, plus any other updates I do. So the next lot of marked updates are as from today.

from this week’s show 
Andy Hamilton guests this week for the first time that I can think of - does anyone know if he has appeared before? A couple more new rounds were played - Vents in Practice, What is Time Mr. Wolf?, and Where Am I? - all accessible via the Games page.

other updates
As part of my on-going research (a tough job, but someone has to do it) I have added a new Mornington Crescent variation, more Pick Up Song prizes, a further explanation of how to play that most complex of games One Song to the Tune of Another, another game that can be confused with Stars in Their Ears, as well as a few new game descriptions.

1st december 1999
from this week’s show 
Mainly traditional games played this week. An interesting Mornington Crescent variation - Lifts and Escalators was introduced. There was one new game played - Superstitions.

about the mailing list
There were some teething troubles with setting up the mailing list resulting in people joining via the Web being asked their income bracket. This was not intended - the story why is a bit convoluted. Suffice it to say all questions on joining have been removed. Alternatively you can subscribe by email to

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