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past news

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27th june 2000
last show of the current series
No new games were played this week. However, there was another smashing prize from Pick Up Song, Mornington Crescent was played according to Lord Grosvenor’s Original Metropolitan Rules for the first time, and there was a warning about a game to not confuse Complete Quotes with.

25th june 2000
games from the penultimate show of this series - sniff!
A bunch of new games were played this week - School Reports, Grand National Theatre, Murder Mystery, and one I have called Exam Questions. There was also another attempt to explain One Song to the Tune Of Another.

more internet sites
I have found a few more sites with ISIHAC related material that you might find interesting including the MC FAQ page - check out the Internet page.

update on forthcoming book
It now looks like The Little Book Of Mornington Crescent will not be published until this Autumn. Keep an eye on the Shops page for further updates on this and other BBC merchandise.

13th june 2000
from this week’s show 
Jeremy Hardy singing With A Little Help From My Friends was an inspired selection by Samantha. Stephen Fry is on the show next week, oh boy! No new games were played this week, but there was another smashing prize for Pick Up Song and a new Mornington Crescent variation played.

happy anniversary
Gee, doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself. Today is the first anniversary for the web site. Here’s to many more!

7th june 2000
slapped wrist time
I have finally got around (after a bit of prodding) to polishing off the lists of past broadcasts for the last couple of years, the location, theatre, guest(s), and Christmas shows for the ISIHAC spotters of this world - spot the gap in your recordings.

5th june 2000
some more new games
This week’s show introduced two new games - Channel 5 Children’s Hour, and Restaurant Waiters. There is another attempt to explain One Song To The Tune Of Another by analogy - I’ve almost got it now! And finally there is a new game to try and not to confuse with Cheddar Gorge.

3rd june 2000
games from the second show
Yet more new games were played on this week’s show - Killer First Lines, Yes/No Interlude, and Car Alarms. There was also another smashing prize in Pick Up Song. Roll on the next show!

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