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past news

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30th june 2001
games from last 2 shows
The fourth show had a further wonderful prize for Pick Up Song, and one new game was played - Vocal Sound Effects.

The fifth show had a new attempt at explaining One Song to the Tune of Another by comparing it with re-arranging the letters of a word. Two new games were played - Tossing the Penny and What’s the Connection?

Of course, this means there is only one more show left in the current series - sniff! Watch out for news on the next round of recordings this Autumn.

25th june 2001
important - e-mail list update
Listbot, which hosts the ISIHAC mailing lists, the free mailing list server is to be closed in early August and reopened as a paid for service for small businesses. Obviously I cannot afford to finance these.

I am currently looking at alternative free email list servers to transfer the lists to. I expect to take the current membership lists as they stands as of the end of this month and use them to set up the lists on the new server. If you do not wish to be part of the new lists please unsubscribe ASAP - if you are not sure then please email me.

I will provide more news on what is happening as things progress.

big games update
Right, here are the game description updates for the first three shows of the current series:

The first show had a new explanation of One Song to the Tune of Another using a grand prix as an analogy. There was one new game - Election Fever. And there were some new place name games in the introduction to Cheddar Gorge.

The second show started off with a new game - New Definitions. There was another brilliant prize for Pick Up Song. The Old Boardgame Version of Mornington Crescent was played. Note was also made of a game not be confused with Singing Relay, and the show finished with another new game - Complete Jokes.

The third show started off with New Meanings - a variation of New Definitions. Other new games played included Agony Aunts, Clanger Theatre, and Similes. A further attempt was made to explain One Song to the Tune of Another by analogy to a nuclear particle accelerator.

Updates for last week’s and today’s shows should appear later this week.

19th june 2001
i’m back!
No I had not disappeared, I have been an unexpected guest at the local NHS hostelry and have just been released - the timing could not have been worse. Obviously there is quite a lot for me to catch up on but I hope to be back up to speed by this weekend.

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