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past news

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30th june 2002
games from last two shows
There was a marvellous attempt at explaining One Song to the Tune of Another by talking about price label swapping in shops. New games played were DIY Soap and Musical Conversations. A long running game of Mornington Crescent played to Parker’s 1st Principle was finished. There was another fun prize for points earned in Pick Up Song. And some more games based on famous landmarks similar to Cheddar Gorge were described.

25th june 2002
and before you realise it 
Well, that is another series done and dusted - sniff! Oh well. Still, the next loft of recordings are only 4 months away, and we are safe in the knowledge that there is another series to keep us chuckling through the dark Monday evenings before Christmas. Game description updates from the last two shows this weekend.

16th june 2002
new guest for the show
Bill Bailey is appearing for the first time on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue tomorrow. Reports from the recording said he had a keyboard with him so it will be interesting to see if this stops Colin Sell banging away as usual.

15th june 2002
updates from recent shows
There were more fantastic prizes for getting points in Pick Up Song. There was another explanation of One Song to the Tune of Another by analogy to wine tasting, and more descriptions of games similar to Cheddar Gorge. A new variation of Mornington Crescent was played - Mortimer’s 2nd Amendment, and one new game was played - Hard Sell.

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