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past news

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29th june
rounds from the second cardiff show
This show started off with the one new round played - Undelivered Letters. There was another great prize for the winner of Pick Up Song. And the teams played a Welsh variant of Mornington Crescent - Morgantown Crescent.

20th june
rounds from the first cardiff show
You think they would have worked it out by now, but Hump again tried to explain One Song to the Tune of Another, this time by analogy to trousers. And there were three new rounds played this week - DIY 70s Cop Show, Pocket Versions, and Corner Shop.

15th june
rounds from the second show
No new rounds were played this week, but there was a fun hi-technology version of Morning Crescent played using Mortimer’s Variation, version 3.

13th june
sir david hatch dies, aged 68
It was announced today that Sir David Hatch has died. David helped Graeme Garden devise I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. He made his name as an actor and writer as a member of the I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again team (the precursor show to I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue) before entering production and management at the BBC. He became, amongst other roles, Head of Radio Light Entertainment during his time there. He was knighted in 2004 for his work in the criminal justice system after he left the BBC.

9th june
new games from the first show
The new series kicked off with Questions that were Never Asked. Next up was a round of One Song to the Tune of Another which the chairman explained by analogy to a washing machine. The final new round was I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Chance Premium Rate Phone Quiz.

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