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past news

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30th may 2000
next week’s show
Contrary to what the Radio Times says, Graeme Garden will not be appearing on next week’s show (or the one after) but is deputised by Sandi Toksvig - Humph explains all.

28th may 2000
this week’s games
Sorry for the delay in adding games from this week’s show - I was out Monday evening so did not get to hear the show until today. This week saw a couple of new games played - Worst Sellers, Goodbye! Magazine, and one I call Masterclass. There is also another classic attempt at explaining how to play the highly complex game of One Song to the Tune of Another. The teams started the new season by playing Mornington Crescent according to the Original Standard Rules - see the MC variations page. All the descriptions can be found from links on the Games page.

24th may 2000
on-line mornington crescent
Tom Salinsky has put up an early version of an on-line Mornington Crescent web game, allowing you to play under different rules against one of the regular panellists. There is a link on the Internet page.

21st may 2000
game updates
Once again I have cleared the pages of the New! and Updated! markers and started afresh. There are a few new games added, new Mornington Crescent variations, some more explanations of how to play One Song to the Tune of Another (and don t we just need em), and a couple more wonderful prizes (what do points mean?) from Pick Up Song.

rampant consumerism
Since humour makes the world go round, I have started a new section on the Shops page listing books, tapes, etc., by the regulars that you may also enjoy. I shall try and keep them relatively relevant - there is no point listing all the Goodies merchandise for example as that is more than adequately covered by other web sites.

9th may 2000
new series broadcast dates
Recordings have now started for the next series to be broadcast. As you can see from above, the first broadcast will be on Monday 22nd May. Write it in your diary!

new tapes to be published
Amazon UK are now listing a new ISIHAC audio tape for release in November this year. It goes by the title I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue Collection but gives no more detail as to its contents. Hopefully this will be a collection of broadcasts from some of the earlier series.

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