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past news

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25th november 2001
new games from the first two shows
There were a few new games played in the first couple of shows - Handy Hints, Worst Things to Hear, and Answerphones. There was another fantastic prize for the winner of Pick Up Song, and the Grand Prix Version of Mornington Crescent was played.

19th november 2001
yet more books and tapes
Sorry for missing these, but there is a new bumper tape collection out (box collection of last 3 tapes), and a new book for all Mornington Crescent fans - Stovold’s Almanac. Out and available at your local books stores. (It also looks like there will be a Christmas special tape next year.)

christmas recording back on
The Christmas recording is back on - hurray! It has been rearranged to be held at Broadcasting House. Note, it is a smaller venue and all tickets were snapped up shortly after the announcement and they have a full reserve list (we are talking just hours here folks!)

7th november 2001
new series starts next week
At last, the next series of ISIHAC is almost upon us. It starts next Monday at the usual time of 6.30pm. Don’t forget!

christmas recording possibly cancelled
I have heard that the recording of the Christmas Special has for the moment been suspended due to problems with the Golder’s Green Hippodrome - something about the roof falling in! Anyway, I understand the BBC are trying to reschedule the recording but there is no firm date as of yet. Hopefully more news anon.

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