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past news

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30th november 2005
the first brighton show
Two new rounds were played in this show - Certain Failures followed later by Public Information Broadcasts. And Humph had another go at explaining One Song to the Tune of Another by analogy to a clothes mannequin.

christmas special on mornington crescent
A show to be broadcast on at 11 am Christmas Eve called In Search of Mornington Crescent. In it Andrew Mar will be reporting on the history and rules of this traditional parlour game and will include contributions from many experts and enthusiasts of the game. If you have not learnt how to play this game yet, then you will kick yourself if you miss this show.

15th november 2005
the first palladium show
What a pleasure it is to have the show back. There were a couple of new games played - Dumb Sex Up-down, Beat the Clock. And Humph used a clock analogy to help explain One Song to the Tune of Another.

14th november 2005
new series starts today!
At last, the wait is over. The next series of the show starts tonight - usual place, usual time. Don’t miss it!

4th november 2005
i’m sorry i haven’t a clue vol 9
I have been so busy I missed volume 9 of the show recordings appearing in the shops.

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