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past news

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28th november 1999
isihac mailing list
Finally pulled my finger out and got round to creating a ISIHAC mailing list at You can sign up at the top of this page. This is my first go at running one so there may be some teething problems, sorry in advance. Lets see how it goes.

26th november 1999
from this week’s show
More new games were played this week - Opening Lines, and a couple that were not named but I have called Conveyor Belt and Great British Sports for now. Once again, access their rules from the Games page. There was a also new attempt at explaining One Song to Tune of Another for those still confused by this game.

22nd november 1999
barry cryer is back
After being unavailable for the first two shows of this series, Barry Cryer is now back in the show. The next two shows has Phil Jupitus guesting for the first time. Early reports are that he fits in well - we shall see.

last week’s game descriptions Last Monday’s show introduced yet more new games - Misleading Advice, General Knowledge, Karaoke Cokey. See the index on the Games page.

page link improvements
The links to the pages listing the Confusable Games, Mornington Crescent Variations, and explaining One Song to the Tune of Another were too deeply buried so I have added them to the links on all the games pages. Just how many of you managed to stumble on them? To spice things up I have added a couple of new Mornington Crescent Variations.

14th november 1999
new game descriptions
Last Monday’s show introduced some new games - Dumbing Up, Vets in Theory, Gardeners Question Time - which have been added. I have also managed to go through some older recordings, and updated and added more game descriptions from them. See the index on the Games page.

odds and ends
I have tried to tidy up the HTML on the pages. If anyone has any problems viewing any pages please tell me. Of course, if you can’t read this page then it is unlikely you’ll know what to do.

I have corrected the titles of the awards the show has won. While they were correct in essence, they were not the problem ones.

7th november 1999
quick game lookup
I have added an index of all the games described to the main ISIHAC Games page so it you can find a particular game more quickly.

1st november 1999
the news we have all been waiting for
The new series of ISIHAC starts next Monday 8th November! Usually there are six shows, which would mean the last is broadcast on 13th December, so what is on the 20th?

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