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There are a number books available based on the show:

i’m sorry i haven’t a clue
Book 0The first book based on the show. Currently out of print although listed by BOL.
Published by Robson, 1980, ISBN 0860511081.

i’m sorry i haven’t a clue
Book 1Paperback version of the hardback released the previous year. Also out of print.
Published by Unwin, 1981, ISBN 0048270474.

i’m sorry i haven’t a clue - the official limerick collection
Book 2Published to mark the 25th anniversary of the programme.
Published by Orion, 1998, ISBN 0752817752.
(Paperback - ISBN 0752826808).

the almost totally complete i’m sorry i haven’t a clue
Book 4Contains a selection of Humphrey’s marvellous descriptions of where they are appearing, various rounds, some of the letters from Mrs. Trellis, and an Introduction that is almost worth the price of the book alone.
Published by Orion, 1999, ISBN 0752831844.

the little book of mornington crescent
Cover of the Little Book of Mornington CrescentIncludes the history of this classic parlour game, great players, an FAQ, recipes, and other related topics.
Published by Orion, 2000, ISBN 0752818643.
(Paperback - ISBN 0752844229.)

stovold’s mornington crescent almanac 2002
Cover of Stovold's Mornington Crescent Almanac 2002A collection of facts and figures, historical records, player profiles, and rules and rulings. A must for all serious players, and just plain fun for everyone else.
Published by Orion, 2001, ISBN 0752847295.
(Paperback - ISBN 0752848151.)

uxbridge english dictionary
Cover of Uxbridge English DictionaryA collection of the best definitions from the New Definitions round, described as a quirky cross between the Collins dictionary and Call My Bluff.
Published by HarperCollins Entertainment, 2005, ISBN 0007203373.

the new uxbridge english dictionary
Cover of New Uxbridge English DictionaryA new collection of definitions from the New Definitions round. Yet more words with meanings you never thought of.
Published by HarperCollins Entertainment, May 2008, ISBN 0007263937.

the doings of hamish & dougal: you’ll have had your tea?
Cover of Hamish and DougalA book based on the spin-off series Hamish & Dougal: You’ll Have Had Your Tea. It includes additional material on the long lives of the two Scottish legends, and is based on the scripts for the radio series including illustrations by Graeme Garden.
Published by Preface Publishing, August 2008, ISBN 1848090234.

lyttelton’s britain: a complete guide to the british isles as heard on bbc radio’s “i’m sorry i haven’t a clue”
Cover of Humph's Guide to BritainA collection of the short histories given by Humphrey Lyttelton from the games tours over the last 18 years.
Published by Preface Publishing, October 2008, ISBN 1848091079.

faces of humph: caricatures and memories
Cover of Faces of HumphA collection of doodles and sketches done by Humph over the years since his childhood, both formal and informal, along with the stories to go with them.
Published by JR Books Ltd, October 2009, ISBN 1906779627.

the clue bible: the fully authorised history of “i’m sorry i haven’t a clue”, from footlights to mornington crescent
Cover of Clue BibleAn exhaustive guide that tells the story of the comedy world that led to I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.
Published by Preface Publishing, October 2009, ISBN 1848091303.

i’m sorry i haven’t a clue: the best of forty years
Cover of Best of Forty YearsTo celebrate forty years of the show here is a collection of some of the best bits with a foreword by Stephen Fry. It features all the regulars and guests which lists as a Who’s Who of comedy greats.
Published by Preface Publishing, October 2012, ISBN 1848093926.

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