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84 chicken cross road
This round is all about the exchange of letters between unlikely correspondents. With the advent of the internet and e-mail, letter writing has largely gone out of fashion to the extent that before long the good old postage stamp will become redundant; there will be no more commemorative issues which is a shame. The Chairman’s favourite issue was the one depicting breeds of British dogs, each stamp coming with a special instruction to sniff the back before licking it.

In this round each team will take it in turns to improvise the letters of two famous historical figures who corresponded with one another in a series of letters. One team writes a letter for the other team to reply to. However, the challenge is that the letters must be constructed by each panelist alternating one word at a time. When the Chairman honks his horn once the letter writers should immediately sign off and the other team begin to reply, a double honk will indicate the end of the correspondence.

20th century duck
In this round each player acts out a famous scene from the movies with their pet duck which they have brought with them. The other team then have to guess the title of the movie.

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