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games compendium


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Games with an * indicate a confusable game.
84 Chicken Cross Road 20th Century Duck
Ad Lib Poem Anniversary Headlines
Adages and Aphorisms Answerphones
Add a Word, Ruin a Quote new!Any Answers
Advertising Slogans Any Questions
Agony Aunts Archers
Alphabetical Cheddar Gorge Ask a Silly Question
Ancient Radio Times Audience Ratings
Animal FarmAy Up Spy
Bad ReviewsBlurb
The Bad Tempered Klavier Board Games
Bardeoke Boardo
Beat the Clock Boasting
Bed Time Stories Book Club
Blankety Blank Book Titles
Blatant Lies Books
Blind Date Break It Gently
Blind Mans Buffalo Mozzarella * Business Mergers
Blue Peter 
Call My BluffComplete Bellocs
Calypso/Blues Complete Cats
Car Alarms Complete Childrens Jokes
Casino Complete Christmas Card Greetings
Cat, Glass, Pudding Complete Crackers
Catalogue Shopping Complete Dogs
Celebrity Animal Smugglers new!Complete Dubya Quotes
Celebrity Answerphones Complete Family Sayings new!
Celebrity Biographies Complete Greetings Cards
Celebrity Burglars Complete Headlines
Celebrity In a BoxComplete Jokes
Celebrity Misquotes Complete Kama Sutra
Celebrity What’s My Line Complete Limericks
Censored Song Complete Love Songs
Certain FailuresComplete Marriage
Change a Letter, Ruin a SportComplete Nursery Rhyme
Channel 4 Children’s Hour Complete Openings
Channel 5 Children’s Hour Complete Playground Rhymes
Charade Depardieu * Complete Poems
Charitable Organisations Complete Quotes/Closed Quotes
Chas’n’DaveComplete Romantic Drama
The ChaseComplete Sayings
Chat-up Lines Complete Scotland
Chat-up Rejections Complete Slogans
Cheddar Gorge Complete Song Lyrics
Children’s Classics Complete TOWIE
Children’s Questions Complete Trailers
Christmas Answers Complete Warning Signs
Christmas Pantomime Connections
Christmas Quiz Contrived Content
Christmas Solutions Conveyor Belt
Ciryl Cookery Show
Clanger TheatreCorner Shop
Classic Movie StraplinesCost Cutters
Clichés ExplainedCountdown
Coals to NewcastleCow, Lake, Bomb
CommentariesCritics Forum and Against em
Common Clichés Explained new!Criminals
Complete AdvertisementsCross Breeding
Complete Auto-biographiesCryptic Proverbs
Complete Bastards 
Daily Mail Headlines Doomed Charities
Daily Mail History of Fear Dragons’ Den
Daily ProblemsThe Dragons’ Then
A Day in the Life Dropping Things
Dead Air Duck Radio
DIY 70s Cop Show Duck Serenade
DIY Costume Drama Dumbing and Dumber
DIY Detective Drama Dumbing Sex Up-down
DIY Sci-Fi Drama Dumbing Up
DIY SoapDummy Keyboard
Doctors AppointmentDysfunctional Duets
Egg HeadsEuro Scrabble
Election Fever Euro TV and Radio Guide
Estate Agents Exam Questions
Etiquette Expert Advice
Euro Nursery Rhymes 
Famous First Words Fiddle Faddle
Famous Lives Film 88
Fat Quotes Film Club
Favourite Game Film Festival
Feel Charades *Foreign Languages
Gardeners Question Time Good News/Bad News
Gardeners Question Tim Goodbye! Magazine
Gargle Gargle Grand National Theatre
Gay Face * Great British Sports
General Knowledge The Great Wireless Bake Off
Goggle Box Greetings Cards
Good Morning RadioGuess Who’s Gone
Handy Hints History Changing Questions
Hard Sell Hitch-hikers
Help Lines Hitler’s Dairy *
Heston Services Hitler’s Diary
Hidden Dangers Hold Your Breath
Historical Answerphones How Wrong Can You Get?
Historical Events Honours List
Historical Headlice * Human Voice Box
Historical Headlines Hunt the Ring
Historical Horoscopes Hunt the Slipper
Historical Postcards Hunt the Stripper *
Historical QuotationsHype
I Hear new!Incomplete Nursery Rhymes
I Spy Incomplete Promotional Slogans
I Went To MarketIncomplete Sentences
I’m a Celebrity, Let Me In Incomplete Quotes *
I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Chance Premium Rate Phone Quiz Initial Response
Ill Advised Introductions Initials
In My Pants Innovations
In Their Own Words Inventions
Inadvisable Openings Invitations
Incomplete Food It’s a 4-part Singing Relay Knockout Competition Game Sans Frontier
Incomplete Idioms Italian Radio Times
Incomplete Newspaper Headlines 
Jargon Join the Dots
Job Seekers Just A Minim
Karaoke Cokey Kitchen or Bedroom?
Killer First Lines Knights of the Round Table
Kiss of Death 
Late Arrivals Living Art
Lazy Titles Lonely Hearts
Leave or Remain new!Love Songs
Less Scary Titles Lyric Theatre
Limericks Lyttelton Country
Linking Months 
Madrigal Moo’d Music *
MarketingMood Music
Masterchef Mornington Crescent
Masterclass Mottos
Medical Conditions Movie Titles
Medical Scrabble Murder Mystery
Misleading Advice Musical Chars
Missed Hits Musical Churns *
Missing Letter Song Titles Musical Conversations
Missing Sections Musical Families
Mistyped MenusMusical Jokes
Mistyped Song Titles Musical Shakespeare
Mistyped Proverbs Musical Verse
Moab is My Wash Pot Musical Witness
Money SaversMystic Humph
Name Droppers New Definitions
Name That BarcodeNew Jobs
Name That Barcode New Meanings
Name That Joke New Neighbours
Name That Motorway New Versions
Name That Novelist Nonsense Word for Word
Name That Tube Not in the Mood
Name That Tune Note for Note
National Anthems Notes and Queries
Nativity Radio Times Nursery Rhyme
New Company Slogans 
One Man and His Dog One Tune to the Song of Another *
One Song to the Tune of Another Only Connect new!
One Song to the Tune of the Same Song * Opening Lines
One Word at a Time Songs new! Overlooked Correspondence
One Thong to the Tune of Another * 
Panic BuyingPolitical Correctness
Paranoia Pre-war Handy Hints
Pass the Swanee Whistle Prequels
Pasteurise the Parcel * Product Marketing
Pick up Song Programme Titles
Pick’n’Mixfords Proverbial Theatre
Pin the Tail on Colin Proverbs
Piñata Proverbs in Translation
Play Your Chords Right Public Apologies
Pluggers Public Information Broadcasts
Pocket Versions Put Downs
Police, Microphone, Action 
Questions That Were Never Asked Quiz of Quizzes
Radio Eyesore * Resignation Letters
Radio Jigsaw Restaurant Waiters
Radio Trailers Reverse One Song to the Tune of Another
Radio Product Placement Rewind
Radioke Robot Celebrity Interviews
Ready Steady Hell’s Kitchen Ruined Songs
RealkuRussian Roulette
Rejected Opening Lines 
Salesmen of the Century Sound Charades
Santa’s Grotto Sound Effects
Sausages Sounds Peculiar
Scandalgate Specialist Greetings Cards
School Reports Spell Check Songs
Sci-fi Theatre Spelling Bee
Scrabble Spelling Mistakes
Sequels Sponsorship
Sexed Down Songs Sporting Bloopers/Out-takes
Sexing upSpot the Ball
Shakespearean Headlines Spot the Intro
Short Renditions Spot the Ostrich
Signing Relay * Spot the Sig
Silent Piano Spot the Web Site
Silly Questions Squeak Piggy, Squeak
Similes Stars in Their Ears
Singer and the Song Stars in Their Rears *
Singing Relay Straight Face
Singing Sprint Straight Fake *
Situations Vacant Strap Lines
Smell Charades * Strip Poker
Smugglers Super Nannies
Snap Superstitions
Soap and FlannelSwanee Kazoo
Song BookSwankers
Song LyricThe Symptoms
Song Sequel 
Tag Wrestling Topical Garden Tips
Talking Turkey Tossing the Penny
Telephone Support LineTour Guides
Tell an Amusing Joke Trail of the Lonesome Pun
The Today Programme Translations
Theatrical Drama Trivial Hirsute
Things That Have Never Been Said Trivial Pursuit
Through the Keyhole Troubled Times
Toff’s Radio Times Tsars in Their Ears *
Too Many CooksTV Seasons
Uncommentators Unsuccessful Book Titles
Undelivered Letters Unsuccessful Products
Unhelpful Advice Uxbridge English Dictionary
Universally ChallengedUseless
Unoriginal Innovations 
Vents in Practice Vocal Sound Effects
Very Slightly Longer Film Titles Voice-mail
Vets in Theory Volvo 985R Masters Classic
Waltzing Colin Where’s The Gents?
Warning Signs Where Am I?
We Wish You a Merry Cliffness Who Am I?
Welsh Proverbs Who Do You Think They Are?
Welsh Quote Unquote Who Wants to be in Finisterre?
What’s the Connection?Whose Dustbin?
What’s the Problem? The Wilhelm Scream
What’s the Question? Word for Word
What’s A Question? * Work Appraisals
What’s Your Game? Worst Sellers
What Happens Next?Worst Things to Hear
What is Time Mr. Wolf?Wuthering Hillocks
The Wheel of Chance 
Yorkshire I Spy Yes/No Interlude

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