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games compendium

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famous first words
The last words spoken by the famous are often recorded for posterity but rarely their first. This is probably because no one knows whether a tiny baby is going to achieve fame in later life. Who could possibly have guessed at his birth that the infant Charles Phillip Arthur George Windsor of Saxe-Coburg Gotha would grow up to be an adulterous fox murderer. (And if the receptionist at the Tower of London is listening, can I have a room overlooking the moat?) The teams are asked to suggest the first words ever spoken by famous persons either living or dead.

famous last words new!
The teams are asked to suggest words that the uttering of which would almost certainly result in death or serious injury.

famous lives
The teams to take a look at the lives of famous people as portrayed in press interviews and life style magazines. Barry Cryer will be at something of an advantage here as he is constantly being interviewed by magazines and newspapers - Barry’s life is a non-stop whirl of meetings and appointments that would daunt a man half his age. If they ever find out what it is that keeps him going someone should bottle it.

The chairman reads from a selection of genuine magazine and newspaper cuttings concerning a well known personality. However certain key words or phrases have been removed and the teams task is to guess what the original wording might have been.

fat quotes
Medical research indicates that very soon nearly everyone will be clinically obese. This means that famous lines from film and TV will be rewritten to fit the image of the overweight stars. The teams are asked for their fat quotes.

favourite game
This round is an entirely new experience that no audience has seen before, so imagine you are at the second half of an evening with Nicholas Parsons. The idea is that one team will play a favourite game of theirs while the opposing team will attempt to guess the name of the game.

fiddle faddle
Taking turns the players must count from one to a hundred, one number at a time. However a player coming to an odd number must replace it with the word fiddle, and any even numbers must be replaced by the word faddle.

film 88
A movie version of Wuthering Hillocks, where the panellists are asked to combine two films to create a new Hollywood blockbuster.

film club
Panellists are asked to suggest titles for films that would be popular in a particular club. Clubs catered for so far include Cobblers, Bankers, Greeks, Vicars, Ornithologists, Golfers, and Motor Mechanics.

film festival
Panellists are asked to suggest a season of films that would be suit a particular film festival.

foreign languages
The British tend to think it is difficult to learn a foreign language. Well it isn’t, the Chairman was in Barcelona recently and he saw loads of tiny children that could speak Spanish. And he noticed that even his cat speaks a little French, well un purr. In this round each team will assume the role of British travellers in a certain foreign country. They are played an extract from a language tape in which a native of the country in question will read out several handy phrases for use in various tourist locations. The team’s job is to translate the phrase in question into English as accurately as possible.

funeral or bedroom
According to the Financial Times the average UK funeral costs over £4,000, which is a lot of money for something you’ll never see - a bit like Brexit. The average pet funeral can cost up to £500, but it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on the sack and house brick. The teams are asked to come up with examples of phrases that might be overhead both at a funeral and also in the bedroom.

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