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games compendium

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garden or bedroom
When asked about the subject of gardens, the legendary wit Oscar Wilde famously remarked “Nope, I’ve got nothing on gardens.” In this round the teams come up with examples of phrases likely to be overheard both in the garden and in the bedroom.

gardeners question time
Join the teams in the potting shed where they are ready to take phone in questions from well known gardeners (usually about anything but gardening).

gardeners question tim
The only downside to this gardening question and answer session is that Tim knows virtually nothing about gardening. We were saying earlier he has no idea what time of year you should prune your Chlamydia. So the other team members have agreed to help Tim to answer tricky questions from any one of the nation’s top gardeners.

gargle gargle
A panellist has to gargle a tune or song. Do not try this at home without trained medical people present.

general knowledge
In this round the teams are asked questions on local sayings and folklore. The Chairman provides them with the opening lines from a selection of local expressions for them to complete.

german jokes
Many British people are inclined to believe the mistaken stereotype that Germans have no sense of humour. To disprove this Henning brought along some of his favourite examples of German humour to share with us. The other panellists are asked to share some of their favourites as well.

goggle box
This round is inspired by the television programme Goggle Box, in the same the Hatton Garden gang recently inspired £70million of diamonds. The Chairman asks the teams to take turns sitting on his imaginary sofa while watching television. However, the opposing team is unable to see what show they are watching and their challenge is to guess the identity of the TV show from the comments alone.

good morning radio
It is a game subtly adapted from morning television by adding the word Radio, and changed beyond all recognition by adding the word Good. The teams alternate as interviewers and guests on a breakfast chat show. As you would expect of the genre, the job of the interviewers is to prevent their guest from saying anything of interest. Points will be awarded to guests for any interesting information they manage to slip in.

good news/bad news
Everyone knows this one don’t they?

goodbye! magazine
Whilst Humphrey was queuing in his local newsagents, behind seventeen people who weren’t going to win the lottery that week, his eye fell upon the amazingly wide range of celebrity interview magazines. One area that has been inexplicably overlooked by the likes of Hello! Magazine is the celebrity funeral. With this in mind, the programme has launched Goodbye! Magazine, and the teams are asked to suggest articles, photos, captions, and other showbiz funeral related items that might fill the pages of the first edition.

grand national theatre
This game combines the thespian art of theatrical drama with the heady excitement of steeple chase racing, but without a repeat of the unfortunate incident the last time acting was combined with horse racing - someone told Barry Cryer to break a leg and he had to be taken out and shot. Luckily the bullet hit Barry’s wallet - and missed his heart by eight miles. The teams join forces is a read through of a play which in the opinion of the Chairman, as a one time critic, has been inclined to drag in conventional productions. To speed things up the teams will attempt their performance in the style of horse racing commentators.

great british sports
The Chairman asks the panellists to suggest ways to improve the British sporting record by either modifying existing sports or devising new ones.

the great wireless bake off
TV cookery competitions are a runaway success at the moment so it was thought it was time for a radio version. But first the teams needed some instruction in culinary skills. Luckily, in addition to his acting work, Miles Jupp is also a chef specialising in less common meat dishes which he offered to demonstrate. So this morning he brought in some venison and taught us to cook. The venison was tender but the tortoise was a bit rubbery. One team is given the name of a dish to bake and the other team has to guess what it is.

greetings cards
The Chairman asks the teams for to suggest occasions which are in need of special greetings cards, together with the appropriate messages they might contain.

guess who’s gone
This will hopefully be a less messy follow up to the old game called Guess Who Should Have Gone Before the Show. In Guess Who’s Gone the teams will be blindfolded and then one of the group will leave the stage. The object of the game, Guess Who’s Gone, is to guess who’s gone.

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