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games compendium

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The panellists are asked to explain the meaning of various bits of jargon from a particular trade, such as Second-hand Car Salesman Jargon, and Restaurant Jargon.

job seekers
The teams are interviewed for a job for which they are patently unsuited. One team assumes the role of interviewers, the other applicants for a certain job. The object is for the applicants, while giving the impression of great willingness and enthusiasm, to fail to get the job.

join the dots
Each player is provided with a sheet of paper on which are printed a series of numbered dots. These have to be joined together in the correct order to complete a life-like image of, say, the Mona Lisa. I say life-like but obviously the original doesn’t have a series of numbers printed on it - Leonardo DaVinci was a terrific artist, he’d have painted over them.

In this revised version, the teams are provided with a short list of events, places, or things starting and finishing with two famous Dorothys. The task is to join the Dots, thereby explaining each item in the list.

just a minim
This is a musical variation on another Radio 4 comedy panel game, Just a Minute. In this game the panellists have to sing a song (such as One Man Went to Mow) without hesitation, repetition, deviation, or repetition. Remember, excessive buzzing is likely to drown out the music of Colin Sell. Another good way is to use a pneumatic drill.

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