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games compendium

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karaoke cokey
This is an audience participation round. The game combines the musical skills needed for Karaoke with choreographic the dexterity required of the Hokey Cokey. Colin Sell provides an introduction to a song that is displayed on the laser board and seen only by the audience (radio listeners are told the title by the Mystery Voice). They should begin to sing the song a cappella (that means on their own) until the teams buzz in to guess the title. If there is a wrong guess the audience should pick up where they left off, and so on until a winner is found.

killer first lines
This game concerns the type of opening words that are guaranteed to ruin the rest of the performance, and cast a terrible sense of doom on the other performers. Probably the best known example is “Hello, my name is Nicholas Parsons.” The teams are asked to suggest for the worst opening lines possible to certain plays, books, TV shows, and the like.

kiss of death
Each panellist has to come up with a one-liner that will end a date and make sure it is never repeated.

kitchen or bedroom?
In this round the teams are asked to come up with some phrases that might be suitable to use in both the kitchen and the bedroom.

knights of the round table
This game is based on words starting with the syllable sir - that is spelt S-I-R, S-U-R, or C-E-R. For example the knight who was prone to running amok - Sir Cumstances Beyond our Control, or the intriguing knight - Sir Rounded in Mystery.

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