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games compendium

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late arrivals
Panellists are asked to announce the late arrivals to a Ball with a theme given by the Chairman. Balls held to date include ones for Football Managers, Builders, Frenchmen, Shakespearean, Zookeepers, Ugly Bugs and Other Insects, Music Lovers, Doctors, Vicars, Morticians, and Undertakers.

lazy titles
The post war baby boom generation was the first to benefit from TV being an extension of their education through science and nature programmes. However Tim was telling us he remembers as a teenager sitting with his parents watching a wildlife programme featuring a pair of chimpanzees, and the embarrassment caused when they started mating vigorously. Tim said he had to try to pretend he hadn’t noticed by watching the chimpanzees. Most programming these days smacks of laziness and this especially applies to the titles. The teams are asked to introduce some programmes that have been commissioned solely on the basis of a lazily contrived punning title.

leave or remain
A lot of listeners have asked why there aren’t more topical debates on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. In fact the teams had one before a show on the topic of leave or remain, and they came up with all the usual arguments and they had a little time to think about it and this is the time for their final verdict. If there is a tie it is up to the Chairman to consult the audience, with the result deciding if Colin should remain at the piano.

less scary remakes
Graeme Garden will be at an advantage here as he is an expert on poltergeists and recently published a book on the subject which has been flying off the shelves. In this round the teams are asked to suggest less scary remakes of well known films.

The Chairman reads out a fertile first line of a limerick for each of the panellists to provide the following line. They must be good at this as they have published a book of the best limericks they came up with.

linking months
This round is a variation on the popular parlour game Linking Cities where one player names a city and the next player must name a city starting with the last letter city just named. So if the first person were to say Nottingham the second player would say, for instance, Manchester and so on. In this version the panellists have to name months of the year, followed by a round of naming days of the week.

living art
The teams are asked to perform a living representation of famous work of art for the opposing team to guess.

lonely hearts
The teams are asked to share any celebrity lonely hearts ads that they may have spotted recently.

love songs
Barry Cryer has frequently been described by his wife as a hopeless romantic. On their 40th wedding anniversary Barry splashed out on a romantic candlelit powercut. One of our earliest known love songs is Greensleeves which many mistakenly believe it was written by Henry VIII for a young lover when in fact he wrote for his Ice Cream man. The Chairman gives the first part some love song lyrics for the teams to complete.

lyric theatre
The chairman has spotted that Cliff Richard has been campaigning recently for the extension of performers rights, because he wont get royalties when radio stations play his records from 50 years ago. He shouldn’t worry. They’re hardly likely to suddenly start now. Each team assumes the role of two characters in a drama, however one of the characters has an odd affliction that means he can only speak through the medium of song lyrics.

lyttelton country
Based on the BBC Radio 4 programme Anderson Country. Humphrey takes telephone calls from all over the country on a subject of radio phone-ins. There are bonus points for regional accents.

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