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games compendium

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vents in practice
Obviously in this age of political correctness the unlimited fun afforded by the teams using live animals in ventriloquist acts is considered an undignified spectacle, so we won’t be able to enjoy Tim Brooke-Taylor and Charlie the Chimpanzee doing their tribute to Peter Brough and Archie Andrews. Besides Tim kept falling off the chimp’s knee. His big hairy hand was bit rough as well which definitely upset the chimp. In this revised version each player will perform a piece of popular dialogue by using his team partner as the dummy.

very slightly longer film titles
It is appropriate to play this round in Leeds as the very first use of film in 1888 featured traffic moving across Leeds bridge, so clearly the first use of special effects as well. The teams are asked to suggest film titles which would have been quite different if just one extra letter had been added.

vets in theory
Vets in Practice has been adapted for the teams to play. Each team will take turns to present their sick pets for examination while the opposing side should attempt to identify the animal and provide a diagnosis. The audience is told the problem with the pet by means of the laser display board, and the radio listeners by the Mystery Voice.

vocal sound effects
When Barry and Graeme first became established in radio with the British Forces Network, an aspiring Lance Corporal came to seek their advice. Well Sir , they said, the trick of broadcasting on the wireless is to imagine you are speaking to just one person. In their case, that hasn’t ever been much of a trick. One thing they did learn though was how to improvise sound effects. In this game one team relates a story while the other has to supply vocal sound effects. Anyone failing to provide an appropriate effect will have a point deducted - what from it doesn’t say.

The next round is about telephone communication although it seems these days you never actually get to speak to a real person. Bearing in mind that most of us only ever get to speak to machines the teams are going to imagine what voice-mail messages might have been left on the answerphones of various historical figures.

volvo 985r masters classic
A sponsored version of Sponsorship, where the teams are asked to enact some newly sponsored productions in a style that reflects their revised status.

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