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mornington crescent variations

While the original rules of Mornington Crescent (as laid down by the International Mornington Crescent Society) have been enjoyed by many players over the years, many variations and versions have been developed to spice things up a bit. The following are some that have been played on the show over the years.

If you are relatively new to the game then you may pick up some pointers to this game from seeing the transcript of a novice ’s game. Ardent fans of the game may be interested in two books that are currently available - The Little Book of Mornington Crescent, and Stovold’s Mornington Crescent Almanac 2002.


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
All Electric Argyle Street Parabola
Ancient Ceramic League Ruling Armitage Shanks Charity Bowl
Ancient and Modern  
Beau Nash’s Special Etiquette Version Bog Standard Rules
Bethlehem Rules Brighton Handicap
Black Country Variation Burlington Original Rules
Blind Mornington Crescent  
Carski's Protocol Coventry Ruling
Central Standard Rules Covid Emergency Rules
Chamberlain Variation
Cockney Version Crockfords Official Gambling Version
Derbyshire Huff  
Elimination Mornington Crescent  
Grand Prix Version Green Mornington Crescent
Grand Quarter Final Rules  
Hackney Carriage Society Rule Book Hooper’s Mainline Variation
Hugo’s 2nd Stratagem
Handicap Hurdles  
Leapfrog Mornington Crescent Living Mornington Crescent
Liberal Coalition Rules Lord Grosvenor’s Original Metropolitan Rules
Lifts & Escalators Lord Knaresborough’’s Yorkshire Variation
Lifts & Escalators - Childrens Version Lord Talbot’s Variation of the Elementary Rules
Liverpool Variation  
Mainline Stations are Wild Morningside Crescent
Millennium Variation Mornington Crefent
Military Version Mornington Croissant
Montague’s Second Revision Mornington Royal Crescent
Moreton’s Convention Mortimer’s 2nd Amendment
Moreton’s 2nd Parallel Mortimer’s Variation, Ver 3
Morgantown Crescent  
Nautical Version North Circular Open & General Rules
New Standard Livingston Rules North London Rules
Normal Rules Northern League Version
Official American Rules Original Metropolitan Rules
Old Boardgame Version Original Modern Rules
Old Devonshire Version Original Standard Rules
Old Etonian Rules  
Parker’s 1st Principle Playstation 2 Version
Regency Rules Royal Mornington Crescent
Reverse Mornington Crescent Royal Windsor Version
Royal & Ancient Rules  
SatNav Assisted Standard Essex Protocols
Shropshire Hold’em Standard Metropolitan Variation
Simplified Version Standard Olympic Rules
Snakes and Ladders Version Stick or Twist Version
Southwark Method Stovold’s 2nd Amendment to the Standard Convention (1972)
Special Children’s Junior Version Street Level Rules
Speed Mornington Crescent Surrey Rules
Spooner's Cronington Mescent  
Tetzel’s Nomination Toksvig’s Protocol
Thornton’s Controversial 3rd Amendment Toon Rules
Trivia Mornington Crescent
Timed Mornington Crescent Trumpington’s Variation
Tobermory’s Stratagem Tudor Court Rules
UKIP Version  
Watling Street Variation Windsor Rules
Webb Ellis Protocol Winter Version

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