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mornington crescent variations

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all electric
Now that we are out of Europe and all of those ridiculous petty health and safety rules no longer apply, the teams are now free to play an exhilarating version of the game, first introduced after the electrification of the railways. Play takes place over the standard grid as you would expect, only this one is electrified. Each player makes a move by plugging in a connection to their destination of choice. Foul moves will result in a mild electric shock being administered to the player. Three shocks and the player will be in Nid.

ancient ceramic league ruling
A version possibly played by Josiah Wedgwood himself. Nowadays referred to as Speed Mornington Crescent, this variation has become chiefly the preserve of the showman due both to the strict time limit imposed between moves as well as the suspension of all blind side boundaries. As you can imagine, in the hands of experienced players it can be breath-taking to watch.

ancient & modern
To help the chairman who was umpiring his first game of Mornington Crescent, the teams kept to the simple Ancient and Modern rules, with nothing outside of Jessop’s Loop. In addition trying out the new computerised Mornington Crescent Solver Software.

argyle street parabola
This variation allows for a maximum of two nudges but only if the run of play is with the poke holder.

armitage shanks charity bowl
This game is sponsored, with the teams playing for the honour of lifting the Armitage Shanks Charity Bowl. The teams would like to thank the sponsors for their generosity, and to assure them that the small alterations they requested to the Standard Game are unlikely even to be noticed by listeners. (Locations played include Baron’s Court Short, Leicester Squit, and Fair Plop.

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