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mornington crescent variations

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beau nash’s special etiquette version
This game features gentlemen versus commoners. Play always passes to the left, naturally. Vulgarisms will be penalised, and wilful obstruction of a person’s passage is forbidden.

bethlehem rules
All Shepherd, King, and Ass related connections count double.

black country variation
As an experienced actor the Chairman uses his Black County accent. A quick glance at the local guidelines tells us “Y’all may only boffle a player if they’re deliberately goin’ roond the Wrekin. If y’all slummock a fo’wer a looped diagonal, y’all have it dark and y’all man travel back’ards down on all buz-routes. All roight a bit? No scragging, no clarting about, lus’ one home’s a gawpy.”

blind mornington crescent
An ancient variation requiring immense skill. It follows Standard Ancient & Modern Rules right enough, the key difference being that each player is blindfolded and thus quite unable to see the board.

bog standard rules
Points scored according to the Continuous Chain Method and will count towards league standings in the Armitage Shanks Memorial Bowl.

brighton handicap
With skilful use of the lateral shift, a player can box their opponents in or out of the game. However, it should be noted that once Tooting Bec has been declared, this move is not allowed unless two or more players are in Knip.

burlington original rules
As defined in Stovold’s. All WC postcodes count double, but cannot be followed by a consecutive WC code. Crescents are wild as rule 42 is of course suspended.

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