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mornington crescent variations

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carski’s protocol
Following a ruling by the MCA, single and triple Huffingtons only will be deemed to be lateral in the dictates of Carski’s Protocol.

central standard rules
The area of game play is restricted to original LCC boroughs as defined by the Local Metropolitan Government Act of 1927. Anyone not sure what these are is recommended to refer to The Little Book of Mornington Crescent. Of particular note, if a woman is playing in a team entirely consisting of men, if they are not wearing bow ties, they forfeit their first goes.

chamberlain variation
Canals may be used as overlinks, and players may invoke Nobby with circular shifts. Tricks must be parleyed as usual when logged parallel to a double Brum but only when diagonals are enforced in multiples of 5.

cockney version
Positional play is illegal on any given diagonal and each move must be preceded by the official rhyming slang.

coventry ruling
Played in Coventry. [This is best picked up by listening to it being played - Editor.]

covid emergency rules
These are emergency rules of play as laid down by the Government’s Sage committee.

Destinations are ranked according to the 3 tier system - medium, very medium, and highly medium. Players who may land on the same destination must observe the rule of 6, namely any group or gathering must contain at least 6 players, a gathering of fewer than 6 will be deemed in Knip. Hands must be sanitised between moves, and this being radio protective masks will be worn over the ears. The Chairman will wipe down all surfaces between rounds as usual. The rules can change at short notice which can make this simple game a lot harder to follow.

crockfords official gambling version
This version is played with cards. The suits are Central, Circle, Northern, and Bakerloo. Mainline stations are trumps, Mornington Crescent beats everything including a Royal Flush, and the person to the left of the dealer starts the bidding.

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