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mornington crescent variations

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lancashire rules new!
In the local vernacular “Eee up teams, pin back tha lugs and catch on to the local protocol. Destinations are applicable abeit aboon and afore the laterals but diagonals are reet gradely in both circumferences. So there’s no point mithering about the Wigan directive, it’s nabut a guideline as laid out by we heck as like.”

leapfrog mornington crescent
Whenever a player scores a Huffington play leapfrogs the next player and goes straight back to the Huffington player’s team mate. Obviously you don’t need an explanation of how Huffingtons are scored.

liberal coalition rules
Defined by David Lloyd-George at the May Fair Synod of 1922. Better known as his New May Fair Rules. These pre-date, and must not be confused with his Further May Fair Rules of later that year. If in doubt, remember the handy aide-mémoire often recited by seasoned players: Lloyd-George New May Fair - The Further New Lloyd-George. Remember, Prince of Wales Drive can only be approached from the South, and 3 Shepherds in a row earns a bonus point.

lifts & escalators
A modern adjunct to the Ancient and Modern Rules. In this version play starts at Fairlop. If at any point of the game a player lands on an underground station with operational lift service he must return immediately to Fairlop. If he lands on an elevator however, he is quickly catapulted to Chalk Farm Road.

lifts & escalators - childrens version
Similar to Morton’s 12 Point Variation but simplified for children.

liverpool variation
This variation is more refined than the regular game, having been imported from London by stokers on the great steam cargo ships of the Industrial Revolution. When a player is Stymied by his immediate opponent, this is known as Mating, and when a player’s route is blocked, this is known as Docking. If a player is both Mated and Docked, then he is in Heseltine, and forced to miss a turn.

living mornington crescent
During this variation the players have to manoeuvre themselves physically around a large and fully illustrated map. The game is played according to Standard Metropolitan Rules as defined by Norton’s 3rd Convention, therefore blocking is not allowed, Southern approach routes are out of bounds, and the Poke Holder always plays advantage

lord grosvenor’s original metropolitan rules
This version was devised during his influential period as Minister of Tourism and the emphasis is very much on scenic routes. National monuments score double, and players must keep to zones 1 and 2 only.

lord knaresborough’s yorkshire variation
In the words of the great man, “Positional play in’t first progression is permitted only if a boon be diagonal and following a linking snicket, ginnel, or owt like it.” It really is as simple as that. Players finding themselves blocked should retire to Nidd and miss 3 goes. Rule 8 is of course void. The chairman will be in Yorkshire mode reet way through t’game.

lord talbot’s variation of the elementary rules
Does not need explaining.

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