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mornington crescent variations

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mainline stations are wild
This needs no expanding upon.

military version
A player may outflank an opponent on the diagonal but only if preceded by a frontal assault. Pincer movements count double, and any player formally encircled may employ their trebuchet.

millennium variation
A variation popular at the last millennium. Surprisingly, the game in the time of King Ethelred the Unready was little different from today’s Ancient Standard Rules, so as you would imagine the Reverse Diagonal was seldom applied in consecutive play. However locations East of Shoreditch were liable to incur the infamous Danegeld Penalty.

montague’s second revision
That’s the one where you can’t move laterally if out of bounds during a preliminary sequence.

moreton’s convention
Horizontal play is only permissible when a pursuant has been Huffed, and main line stations are wild.

moreton’s 2nd parallel
If two parallel moves follow consecutively, the order of play is automatically reversed. Rule 7 is also reinstated.

morgantown crescent
Morgantown Crescent extends from the Severn Bridge as far as Anglesey. Interestingly this version completely ignores Reynolds’s Standard Opening and there is no such thing as a Lateral Shift in the Welsh game, if you can imagine such a thing.

morningside crescent
A more refined Scottish version of the game. Apart from certain important differences this version follows our own Standard Rules, though as you would expect Shunting and Straddling are generally considered unacceptable.

mornington crefent
An early Tudor version of the game. This was played at court with each move having to be officially sanctioned by the king who acted as umpire. Only a short extract from the original rule parchment survives:

If ye wilt come unto Mornington Crefent
Stray not within the bounds of the mighty Thames.
Nor can Tyburne be reached without sacrifice of
Ruffels Square, Cock Fofters, or Feven Fifters.

mornington croissant
The game still follows the Standard English Ancient and Modern Rules with a few typically French modifications. Chalk Farm or Shepherds Bush gain the player a 3 move subsidy, and as you’d expect the mention of any main-line station will cause the succeeding player to miss a turn, or go on strike.

mornington royal crescent
The often clever variation fell out of fashion with amateur players, who found the emphasis on cyclical play could cause the game to drag on interminably. However, the recent introduction of the Looped Move certainly seems to have speeded things up.

mortimer’s 2nd amendment
This is a highly specialised version of the game, which once Parsons Green has been declared forces play along the Great Western axis, obliging players to sacrifice Seven Sisters in order to prise open their opponent’s laterals.

mortimer’s variation, version 3
The panellists pit their wits against a computer offered as a chance to road test the latest, most sophisticated, Mornington Crescent software yet to emerge from Silicone Valley. Her name is Elektra and currently runs Mortimer’s Variation, version 3.

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