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mornington crescent variations

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official american rules
Under the original regulations this meant that half the players only joined in two years late. But these have been recently modified in that the winner, who is actually decided before the game, can start anytime he pleases. Remember tourist sites count double, Grosvenor Square is wild, and any Bush related move will trump. You are permitted to ask directions.

old boardgame version
A pale imitation of the real thing as it is dictated by the roll of the dice rather than any proper strategy, but it might be instructive for new players if they are still unfamiliar with the rules.

old devonshire version
As enjoyed by Sir Francis Drake himself. It basically follows the rules of Standard Mornington Crescent but differs in that players can knock their opponents out of position with a Strike Move. Players are traditionally over the age of 70 and wear white jackets.

old etonian rules
All suburban areas are out of bounds, and if any two individuals become Boxed, it’s the senior player who’s granted right of way. Also, if a player makes a move that his fellows, or in this case the audience, see fit to applaud, then he’s officially In Pop, and is entitled to wear a silly floral waistcoat and to make his next move out of turn.

original metropolitan rules
These are seldom played. However there is nothing to worry about, saving the notorious Pimlico Proviso. But just to be on the safe side the Chairman allows use of the Sat Nav.

original modern rules
No Squaring Off on the blind side. Euston Road can only be approached from the West, and Soho is out of bounds.

original standard rules
Considered by many to be the purest form of the game. The teams start at Aldgate East and move sequentially and in order. Remember Rule 12 no longer applies, although 12a is still in force (Rule 12 no longer applies).

oxford rules devised by lewis carroll new!
Carroll of course was noted for his nonsense stories and poems, and in his nonsense version of the game the progression is backwards. Otherwise the rules are as normal except Stovold’s Advancement works in reverse.

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