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mornington crescent variations

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regency rules
This means the Nash Convention allows superseding after parallel moves, and all Terraces and Crescents are wild, unless of course you are in Spoon.

reverse mornington crescent
Play starts at Mornington Crescent and continues backwards until someone reaches the starting position.

royal & ancient rules
There are several hazards worth mentioning. Anyone forced Out of Bounds is required to take the nearest playable station, usually Charing Cross. Water hazards are a danger and will incur a dropped turn, so look out when you’re passing water, and remember that you can still Stymie an opponent by blocking his passage.

royal mornington crescent
This version was made fashionable by Charles II on his visit to Oxford. The game can be confusing for those unused to the intricacies of etiquette and basic good manners, but here are some useful pointers. Play is strictly in order of social superiority, so in one instance play starts with Tim and ends with Barry. It’s considered a breach of etiquette for players at the lower end of the social order to block, box, reverse, or win the game.

royal windsor version
In this version progression will be stately, waving is optional, subordinate stops will be deemed inappropriate, and all moves will be made in accordance with the rules laid by Gold Stick Marshall of the Monarch’s Indulgence. Destinations with royal connections score double, river stations are not permitted unless the Queen’s Barge Master is in attendance.

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