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mornington crescent variations

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satnav assisted
In a bid to speed things up each player is provided with the latest satellite navigation technology. They are then requested to program in to the SatNav boxes a route from Liverpool St. to Mornington Crescent which takes account of Montecute’s Secondary Station Ruling.

shropshire hold’em
As you would expect flushes count double, plus straights have preference, and queen's are wild. The Chairman is dealer.

simplified version
Stovold’s Defence is still allowable during Forward Triangulation, but Back Doubling may only be attempted after a Northern Approach.

southwark method
An open variation, but remember if pairing occurs during positional play after a neutral move when all the diagonals are quartered then the overboard player must sacrifice Fairlop in order to progress or risk passing at a secondary tangent.

special children’s junior version
To make things extra easy Waterloo Mainline is irreversible if approached on the diagonal during a lateral pass.

speed mornington crescent
Players must complete their moves within a strict time limit. Each player is provided with a special clock which he must activate when it is his turn to make a move, and deactivate when when he has made his move. In the unlikely event that the time elapses before a move is made that player is eliminated. Stations are high in this game.

spooner's crornington mescent
Pioneered by Rev. William Archibald Spoooner, the Oxford don famous for getting his turds in a wangle. Initial translocation is mandatory. Loops will be doubled, but huffing on the out-pass will incur two backings. Players in knipp will forfeit parallel house points in the usual way.

standard essex protocols
The protocols state that obliques are permissible but only with the prior agreement of the Chair. And players found to be outside the lateral may be placed in Knipp, but again at the discretion of the Chair.

standard metropolitan variation
As a concession to Rob Brydon, who was still a relative novice, things were kept as simple as possible by suspending Rule 2 and Prime Move Triangulations could be made only within a lateral orbit.

standard olympic rules
All locations with connections to Greece or Athens score double. One other thing, Greek Street is out of bounds, and so is Olympia.

street level rules
Popular after the reopening of Mornington Crescent when the Faulty Elevators are Wild rule was revoked.

stovold’s 2nd amendment to the standard convention (1972)
This, of course, predates the Jubilee Line extensions in both directions.

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