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mornington crescent

novice game

In a recent show, Ross Noble played his first ever game of Mornington Crescent. To make the game simple, play was restricted to to the congestion charge zone only, and the regular panellists were asked in the spirit of fair play to explain their moves to Ross

Other novices to the game may find the following transcript of the game educational.

The traditional opener, like the King’s pawn really - Oxford Circus, well in the zone, and gives you limited access to Northern parallels. But I suppose it is technically laying an off-side trap there. Force the next player into Knip if he is not very careful.

So I have to go Vauxhall. Basically, things have changed slightly since the Millennium Bridge was put there, so you can back double. So it is basically a Reverse move.

I’m going Regents Street, because that is bridging Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus. So it is an absolute definitive Lateral, which you can reverse on if the situation is right, so you have a double value. It is a Bridger, it is a Lateral, a very useful one early on.

Mornington Crescent!

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