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past news

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27th april 2000
on the radio
Barry Cryer will be the guest on In Conversation With on Radio 4 on Thursday 4th May at 6.30pm. Given his involvement not only on the show but outside of it with others from the show, this should be well worth listening to.

26th april 2000
more html changes
I believe I have now fixed all external web links so that the URL window is properly updated with the new web address. If you spot any links which do not behave as you expect please tell me.

mornington crescent book
The book we are all waiting for may already be out there. Checking on Waterstone’s web site, they list a book called The Official History & Rules of the Game of Mornington Crescent with the same ISBN number as The Little Book of Mornington Crescent listed at Amazon and BOL, but with a publishing date of September last year.

15th april 2000
Recordings for the next series are taking place in May and June. Details on the dates and locations can be found on the Broadcasts page.

new games
Several new game descriptions have been added, including some confusables and Mornington Crescent variations. Enjoy.

on the internet
I have tracked down a few more pages that might interest fans of the show. I think I should also point out that I am not responsible for the content of the sites linked to.

and available in the shops
It looks like there will be another tape released this Autumn - no details as to what shows will be included yet. I have also added ISBN numbers to the tapes and books where I could find them, and added a link to BOL UK where you can order these from as well.

isihac people
I had not realised that Kenny Everett used to appear on the show, that must have been quite something. He has been added to the list of panellists. I have also added some names of more behind the scenes people. Have a look on the people page.

new site address - the saga continues
Investigating the current site problems (see HTML Woes below) I have had to revert all page references to be relative to the original site address to make everything work again. You should still access this site through the new address as this will allow me to relocate as required but for you to find me again easily.

9th april 2000
good news, bad news
The good news is there is definitely going to be another series (you never know when it might drop off the face of the earth, so it is nice to know for sure). The bad news is it does not look like being broadcast until the Summer now. Hang on in there.

new book delayed
The book The Little Book of Mornington Crescent seems to have been delayed in being published. This will be a shame to all those connoisseurs of this fine game. More details on the Shops page.

html woes
There are still some niggling problems with the move to the new site address. Most notably, the links to individual games off the Games page do not fully work. They take you to the right page but you currently have to scroll down to the game you want. I am hoping to have this fixed by next weekend. Sorry.

2nd april 2000
notice of change of address
This web site has moved - well sort of. You can now get here using, which is a lot simpler than trying to remember the old one. The old one will still work for a while but will forward you to the new site when you follow any links off this page. As ever there may be some teething problems. If you spot any then drop me a line - extra points will be awarded if you tell me the solution as well.

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