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26th november
show two from bournemouth
Another fun show with plenty of old favourites. The teams did end with one new round, Taxi or Bedroom. Right, off to find the thicker jumpers now that the cold weather has arrived, stay warm.

19th november
kicking off in bournemouth
That is a phrase you do not hear that often. But it did and went rather well too. The teams played one new round in the first show of this, the 80th, series - Change a Letter, Ruin a Film. And since it is all wet and grey out today, I am gonna listen to it all over again.

12th november
where does the time go?
So not long after the nights get darker suddenly for some reason, along comes the brand new series of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue to keep your cheer up! Set your alarms for 6.30pm on Monday for that is when the fun all starts again.

25th august
wrapping up in northampton
Life seems to have a good supply of hammers, and once again threw one in to my works during the series. Many apologies for the late update from the last two show.

Not that there is much of an update for the last two shows of the series from Northampton. No new rounds, no new prizes, no new variations, and no new explanations. But that is not important since the shows were lots of fun as they were - it doesn’t have to be new to be fun.

That is it for another series. Next one should be in the run up to Christmas as usual, so start looking out for announcements come November. Enjoy what late Summer weather you get, and get read to start kicking those piles of leaves when the start coming down.

6th august
all the fun from ipswich
A phrase you might not hear that often? The first show from Ipswich included one new round, Complete Children’s Rhymes. The teams also played One Song to the Tune of Another, and the Chairman tried (once again) to explain the rules this time with an analogy to US swamplands.

No new rounds were played in the second show, but the teams did play Pick Up Song, and as usual there was a brand new prize for the winner.

23rd july
first two shows from bath
And we are off to a great start, lots of fun had in the first two shows. In the first show the teams played one new round, Complete Strap Lines. They also played One Song to the Tune of Another, for which the Chairman tried to explain the rules by analogy with treating a head cold.

There were no new rounds played in the second show, but the teams did play Pick up Song for which there was a great new prize.

10th july
our patience is rewarded
It is finally here, the new series starts today! Something to take your mind off no more Brits in Wimbledon/the wet Summer stormy weather/kids on holiday saying they are bored (delete as applicable).

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