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Credit goes to the following people in no particular order:

  • Jon Wilson - you know who you are! If you had not encouraged me 
  • A big thank you to my lovely wife Liz for her support, patience, spel chequing, proof reading, and overall help in getting these pages up and running. Especially given all the time and effort I put in lousing it up again when she is not looking. Thanks.
  • Jenny Benson for additional games research and general site suggestions.
  • My Dad, for constructive comments on page design, as seen from the eyes of an Amiga 1200 user. Keep up the good work!
  • Richard Lambley, for the low down on the theme music to the show.
  • Michael Peters, for details on lots of games played from before I can remember.
  • Kevin Hale, for additional games research.
  • Chris Sheerin, also for additional games research.
  • Mark Harris, for additional games research also (how many ways can I say this?)
  • Martin Bone, for more information on the origin of the title music.
  • Roger Jefferson, Tim Jokl, and Stephen Whitaker, for sending in pictures for the gallery.

Thank you all.

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